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  1. Hamilton

    Born in 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA our beloved Hamilton passed away on Thanksgiving Day. He succumbed to kidney disease. He was a rambunctious little spirit, who loved ice cream, cookies, his favorite was…Read More

  2. Harley

    To my beloved beautiful best friend and sweet baby. We will love you into eternity! R.I.P. with your brother. Together forever my love! To our sweet, beautiful, most considerate, pup that we both have…Read More

  3. Peachez Cleopatra

    My "sweet puppy girl" is 9/20/23 which would have been your 18th birthday! I miss you dearly, but I knew that it was your time to cross the Rainbow Bridge on 7/14/23. I just couldn't b…Read More

  4. Molly “Doop” Rainey

    My most beautiful Lady Doopsalot, I love you and miss you so much. You brought so much joy, light, and laughter to our lives. You were the kindest soul with the most goofy personality. We all miss you…Read More

  5. Bocephus “Bo” Rainey

    My most handsomest muffin in the whole world. I have loved you with my whole heart since the day I first laid eyes on you. You walked with me through the end of my teen years, through my 20s, several …Read More

  6. Oscar Cooper

    My dearest Oscar, You were the cat I never knew I needed. I opened my door one day and there you stood on my porch. I instantly fell in love with those beautiful green eyes. I thought to myself that i…Read More

  7. Willa

    18 1/2-year-old Willa crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join her friends on June 27, 2022. She was cared for by the kind and compassionate folks at Heavenly Paws. Having her urn, paw print (on a little ea…Read More

  8. Tiger

    My dearest Tiger, You weren’t planned to be in my life. But God put you in my life for 17 years. We definitely had a love/hate relationship. You frustrated me to no end ruining my furniture, urinati…Read More

  9. Bindi McDaniel

    Bindi, I miss you so much, you have been by my side since your human sister Mandy passed away Sept. 2011. If I was in bed, you were right beside me. I hated to let you go but I knew it was your time m…Read More

  10. Sparkplug

    Sparkplug hated people, including you reading this. Sparkplug hated dogs. Sparkplug hated other cats. Sparkplug hated being picked up, touched anywhere but the head and neck, going in the car, looking…Read More

  11. Caesar

    Our sweet Caesar! You were the most amazing fur baby! You filled our hearts with so much love and gave us so many wonderful memories that we will cherish forever. We are grateful for every single day …Read More

  12. Yoyo

    Mama and Daddy will always love you. We may had rescued you, but you were the little sunshine that rescued us. Rest In Peace Yoyo... you will truly be missed.…Read More

  13. Apollo Dockery

    My dear Apollo. Daddy and I miss you so much. We know you aren't hurting anymore and you can run and play. Chancey misses his bubba. You will be forever in our hearts. We will miss you always, Momma, …Read More

  14. Shelby Davis

    The world lost a super hero today. Shelby Lee Davis born January 27, 2013 died after a brave fight with a rare cancer on her heart.  She crossed the rainbow bridge doing the very thing she loved most…Read More

  15. Sweet Bill

    We adopted Bill when he was six weeks old. He was with us through college, our marriage, job changes, and our kids. We couldn't have asked for a better boy to love. When it was time to say goodbye, af…Read More

  16. Storm Brittain Gone Too Soon!

    I happened to be scrolling through my Facebook feed one day six years ago and saw that a friend of mine had an offer for a free kitten to a good home. I immediately called her and arranged for my son …Read More

  17. Idget

    Day and the life. 3-31-2019 Saturday morning and I have a cold nose in my face at 7:30 AM. Wake up wake up I need for you to get out of bed. 5lbs. could feel like 50 lbs. when your sleeping. I believe…Read More

  18. Tyson

    Tyson, Our chubby slobbery baby boy, you were the bestest boy in the entire world, we can’t even tell you how much we love and miss you, I hope you’re running pain free now and being as happy as y…Read More

  19. To my friend, Biscuit….

    I miss you so much it hurts. I'm always listening for youI miss you so much it hurts. I'm always listening for youand wish you were here.Thank you Heavenly Paws for helping us through this hardtime. Y…Read More

  20. Sophie McDowell

    Our little Sophie (aka Sophia/Princess) was born on June 14 2005 - she arrived at Rainbow Bridge on January 9 2018 at 11:30 A.M., and took a piece of our hearts with her. Our little Sophie (aka Sophia…Read More

  21. Abi

    Abi You are a beautiful cat With a beautiful soul Who shared his heart, love and life with me For that, I am most grateful As my first cat, you taught me that I love having feline friends It is finish…Read More

  22. Ivie Anne

    Oh my sweet Ivie Anne!!! I miss you so much my sweet angel! I have never loved or been loved so unconditionally by anything or anyone. Not only was I blessed to have been your mommy for seven wonderfu…Read More

  23. Triscuit Ann Lee


  24. Hammy

    Rest In Peace Hammy the Hamster, we love and miss you. Love, Kris…Read More

  25. Scooter “Mr. Poo man”

    You were our love , Our faithful companion, Our baby...When you took your last breath a piece of my heart left this earth with you. Our lives are forever changed by having you in it. Run free my littl…Read More

  26. Chance Lacy

    This tribute is too lengthy but it was difficult for me to say less. Not a day or night goes by since August 15, 2016, when we had to send our beloved American Eskimo (Eskie) to the Rainbow Bridge. Of…Read More

  27. Barney the Beagle

    Barney was by far the best dog we've ever had the pleasure of knowing. He was so well behaved and quiet. We adopted him as a puppy and named him H.A. Barnaby (H.A. for Hop Along due to an injury he re…Read More

  28. Missy Stewart

    Missy lived most of her life with our late Uncle Dave. When he passed, Missy came to us and quickly fell in love with her new home and family. The years with sweet Missy were too short, but she fought…Read More

  29. Kiki

    Kiki was an amazing dog and Mother. We could not have asked for a better little girl. She will truly be missed. Thank you to the staff of Heavenly Paws for helping us through this time of sorrow, they…Read More

  30. Maggie

    Maggie was as dedicated as a cat can be to me. She will be greatly missed. Thank you Heavenly Paws for helping us through this with compassion & understanding. Paul…Read More

  31. Gutter

    We found Gutter in a gutter at a couple weeks old. He quickly learned how to be a domestic cat. Thanks for all the joy you brought to our family. Kat…Read More

  32. Wilson

    Wilson - one crazy sweet dog. We will truly miss all the crazy and funny things you did over the years. You were a very special part of our family and I am sure you have folks laughing now in Heaven. …Read More

  33. Mitzy

    Words cannot express the sorrow we feel in losing you, Mitzy. For 12 years you were a very special family companion, cancer took you from us. Knowing now at least you are pain free and chasing that te…Read More