Day and the life.


Saturday morning and I have a cold nose in my face at 7:30 AM. Wake up wake up I need for you to get out of bed. 5lbs. could feel like 50 lbs. when your sleeping. I believe he gets me out of bed just, so he can have my spot. Well I’m up now.

Idget leaps from the bed and off to the door. He runs to the back door doing spins as he goes, a couple of big barks to tell the rabbits the boss is out and I’m coming to get you. Down the stairs he goes leaps over the day lilies and chases the rabbits off.

Up to the gate he goes to bark at the walkers, Hey Judy, hey Glenda be there in a minute.

Just as I sit down to drink my coffee here is Idget at the back door. let me in, let me in. he jumps on the couch and up on the back looking out the front door. I’m in charge here and if I see you I’m going to bark as loud as I can. Know ones there for now. Idget jumps down and snuggles next to my leg to get warmed up and looking for is deep rub down, which he loves I know this because when I stop he’s little paw comes up and drags my hand back to a rubbing him some more don’t stop don’t stop daddy if he could talk.

I would get up to get dressed, Idget knew it was that time. As he jumps down and stands at my feet he would stare me down to take him for his walk. Again, Idget would start with the spins ready to go take me daddy take me for my walk. Here we go, bust out the back door straight to the mail box, first stop. Goes across the street to check out Bosley mail box to make sure it still there. Down the street to the tree with the big bird box on it. Then stop to say hi Judy walking the other direction. Then he sees Elwood at the front door a couple of barks back and forth then off to see Ron and his Lady. He stops across the street to one of his favorite stops to drop something off, then off again full speed end of street to go see Ralphie and his new grass. Then stop by Glenda and all her new rocks. Just when Idget was ready to go home. Watch out, one of those big pesky cats might jump out, he knows only to bark because these cats are just too big for him, but he would give it a try if I give him the leash. Off to the Pampas grass to scratch he back as walks slowly under it. Stop at Ron’s mail box for a drop then up the hill. Quick stop at Elwood’s to say see you later.

Home again, he sweats me for his treat as he grabs it and off he goes to eat it somewhere in the house because it’s his and no one is going to get it. Then up on the bed for another little nap next to his momma as he cuddles up to her back to get warm and to give warmth. He loves to share the love.

P.S. Mom and Dad will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, see you then.❤️