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Aquamation is the Gentle, Eco-Friendly Alternative to flame cremation for your beloved pet companion's afterlife care. Aquamation represents the future of aftercare, and there is no better way to honor your beloved pet on their final journey.

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As lifelong pet owners and lovers, Heavenly Paws knows your pet is part of the family. Pets large and small fill our lives with unconditional love which makes their loss terrible and the decisions around their end-of-life care difficult. We are here to support you as your pet makes their final journey with the most gentle and ecologically-conscious afterlife care. As one of the first Aquamation service providers in the country, and the first in Georgia, Heavenly Paws is here to deliver the best service to you and your beloved companions.


Our mission is caring for all pets with Compassion, Dignity & Respect on their final journey.



We know losing your companion is difficult and we want to help you through your loss.


You may be asking "What is Aquamation?". Aquamation is an alternative to conventional flame-based cremation and burial. Aquamation has been used for decades, though only recently adapted for commercial use by the public. An Aquamation service works by combining water and natural alkali, alkali being the minerals in the earth that would help our body break down upon a natural burial, and creating a gentle flow over the pet's body. What remains after the Aquamation Service has concluded is the same ash you would receive after a fire cremation with the added benefit of 95% energy savings, no toxic pollution or carbon emissions, and a more gentle service for your pet. To learn more Review Our FAQs Here.


We believe doing the right thing should not be more expensive; as a result Aquamation is priced at or below conventional cremation services. Review Our Pricing Here


Let us help you honor your pet with a peaceful, gentle and eco-friendly service -  Aquamation.


Please call us at 678-995-9520, email us, or Schedule a Veterinary Service Call or an At-Home Service Call online to make arrangements. You can also simply tell your vet you prefer your pet's aftercare be with Heavenly Paws Pet Aquamation and they will help you with arrangements.


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