Aquamation - The Gentle Pet Cremation Alternative

Aquamation is the most gentle & environmentally friendly way to say farewell to your faithful companion. We help you honor your beloved pet on their final journey with the eco-friendly pet cremation alternative - Aquamation.


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Aquamation - Pet Cremation Alternative


As lifelong pet lovers, Heavenly Paws knows your pet is part of the family. Our pets fill our lives with unconditional love making their loss, and the decisions around their end-of-life care, one of the most difficult experiences you will endure. We are proud to support you as your pet makes their final journey with the most gentle and only ecologically sustainable deceased pet aftercare. As the only Aquamation service provider in Georgia, Heavenly Paws is ready to care for your pet with Compassion, Dignity, & Respect. 




We know losing your companion is one of the most challenging things you'll ever do. We are here to help with a gentle pet cremation alternative - Aquamation.



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Heavenly Paws is available 24/7 to serve your pet's afterlife care needs at 678-995-9520. If your pet passes at a vet hospital, it is your choice where your pet is cared for. Your vet can help you make arrangements wherever you prefer or you're free to make arrangements directly through Heavenly Paws Pet Aquamation. Whether you choose Heavenly Paws or a different pet cremation or pet burial facility, we hope you'll be educated on all your aftercare options.


Veterinary Animal Hospital deceased pet pickup service calls are complimentary within our Vet Clinic Service Area, and available outside our service area with a small transportation fee.


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