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We encourage veterinarians to reflect on a few questions surrounding their hospital’s practices when approaching end-of-life and afterlife care:

1. Is your hospital a place for healing or a place for end-of-life?

2. From your pet parent’s perspective, how would you feel about a vet hospital who embraced end-of-life care as a specialty service to be referred out in order to make death beautiful and peaceful?

a. How many clients have you lost after euthanasia because of their inability to see you or your hospital again? Is one too many?

3. How would you feel if you learned your grandfather’s, mother’s, or brother’s hospital only endorsed a wholesale crematory and/or refused to work with any other facilities to protect their profit on death?

a. Would you trust a doctor making life and death decisions knowing they are profiting off the death outside the clinical implications?

“The first technical advance in decades for the after-life arrangement of pet remains is now available…It follows then, that it is also the ethical responsibility of veterinarians to offer [Aquamation].”

Kent Kruse, DVM – Trends – Alkaline Hydrolysis

“When faced with the overwhelming evidence of the sustainability of this process over flame based cremation and the level of care provided by [Heavenly Paws Pet Aquamation] I realized that as a responsible practitioner I had to at least offer my clients a choice.”

Greg Helton, DVM – Implementation of Alkaline Hydrolysis in the Veterinary Hospital

What is Aquamation?

Aquamation Overview Video

Aquamation is the trade name for a process called Alkaline Hydrolysis. Simply put, it’s a more gentle and environmentally friendly water-based pet cremation service. The pet’s remains are gently placed into an alkali bath where natural decomposition is accelerated through the use of heat, salt and alkalinity yielding the same ash received from conventional cremation.

  • Because the process is gentler, ~20% more of the pet’s ashes are returned.
  • Because the process is more eco-friendly, pollution is eliminated. Every 5th pet served saves enough fuel to drive across the USA.
  • The Aquamation service itself lasts ~24 hours. Depending on the size of the pet receiving disposition via Aquamation, it may take anywhere from 24-72+ hours to naturally dry the ashes before they are ready to be returned.

Pet Cremation vs. Aquamation Ash Comparison

Why Choose Heavenly Paws?

  • Heavenly Paws Pet Aquamation is the highest rated and fastest growing afterlife care provider in Georgia
  • Save your client’s money on transportation fees when you simply offer Heavenly Paws to each euthanasia case. Simply adding Heavenly Paws to your release form is enough for partnership and free round trip transport.
  • Heavenly Paws understands a partnership with your hospital represents an extension of your practice. A partnership affecting long-term client retention and your industry reputation. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of customer service and integrity to ensure all our veterinary clients and their patients feel at ease and comforted knowing the pets in our care are served respectfully.
  • Whether you choose to offer Heavenly Paws as your sole aftercare provider or give your clients a choice, your clients will be grateful you have their pet’s best interest in mind. We guarantee offering Aquamation will strengthen the bond with your clients.
  • Simple, transparent pricing for your hospital and the pet parent. No hidden fees, no surprises.
  • Discounted staff and vet Aquamation services for veterinary partners.
  • Sharps service available
  • More than 9 of 10 pet parents choose Aquamation when given the option
  • No tin cans…ever. Every individual service is returned with a paw print.
  • Option to add Paw Prints for your patients receiving communal service; either case-by-case or for each case.
  • Thoughtful, beautiful presentations. No more tin cans in paper bags.

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