Please Make an Appointment

Please call ahead (678-995-9520) so we can ensure we have the right team members on-site to support you.

Veterinary and In-Home Service

Partnering veterinary pick-up is complimentary during normal office hours. Non-partnering veterinary pick-up service is available from $30. Home pick-up service is available from $50. Transportation rates are based on mileage traveled. Learn more at Aquamation Pricing.

After-Hours and Holiday Service

Please call us at  678-995-9520. After hours fees for services provided outside normal office hours, and on federal holidays, is an additional $150 and based on availability. If you would like to schedule a vet or, in-home, service for our next business day, please complete the appropriate form below.

If you would like additional information on how to care for your pet’s body during after hours, please refer to this resource (3rd Bullet Down):  What do I do if my pet dies at home?

If your pet is experiencing an after hours medical emergency, please take your pet to an emergency veterinary center. Heavenly Paws Pet Aquamation recommends: The Village Vets – Decatur, but your preferred or local emergency vet center should be willing to help you make arrangements for our care.

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