My dearest Tiger,

You weren’t planned to be in my life. But God put you in my life for 17 years. We definitely had a love/hate relationship. You frustrated me to no end ruining my furniture, urinating outside of the litterbox at times even though there were 4 litterboxes. Rugs were out of the question. I did finally get some resolve when you started using pee pads. Yes, a cat that used pee pads lol Also frustrating was when I would be comfy on the couch and you would go scratch at the door to go out only to run in the kitchen to be fed because if I were to let you, you would have eaten 24/7. At times I thought you were part dog the way you would scratch at the door not only to go out but come back in.

However, you were the most loving cat and with the best personality that I ever had. You loved boxes, and bags either to lie on or in. You loved suckling on a blanket, catnip and always played like a kitten. You loved to snuggle, whether just lying in my lap or nuzzled under my chin at night so much so that I couldn’t get much sleep most nights. A cold nose touching mine throughout the night can be quite startling. You were very demanding lol

Your favorite place to drink water was from the bathroom sink or a bowl next to the faucet. Whenever I would close the bathroom door to take a shower you would scratch frantically until I let you in and you would just lie on the floor and wait for me. I loved to watch you sleep. You had so many different poses from almost yoga like to all 4 legs in the air while on your back. As you got older I even got a few videos of you snoring lol

I told everyone that you had more than nine lives since you had many scares of close to death experiences from a dog attack to unexplained illnesses. But cancer would enter my life once again. This time through my cat. I never dreamed a small knot on your ankle would turn into a horrific tumor. I had to keep a cone of shame on you because you would not leave it alone. You only wanted to do what cats do best, groom. I had hoped you would only have to wear it for a little while, but the tumor kept growing and became more bothersome. You never realize how beneficial grooming is for a cat until they can’t. You were so miserable wearing that cone. I even tried different ones to make you more comfortable. You deserved a better life than that. I wasn’t ready to let you go at all and had a lot of questions and what ifs but at the end of the day, I had to do what was best for you.