Oscar Cooper

My dearest Oscar, You were the cat I never knew I needed. I opened my door one day and there you stood on my porch. I instantly fell in love with those beautiful green eyes. I thought to myself that if you had a red ribbon around you that you looked like the perfect Christmas present. I had never seen you around before, so I assumed God dropped you down from heaven. 😊 He knew I would need you. And I did, to balance out that crazy other cat of mine, Tiger lol

You two were not the best of friends, you only tolerated each other. It was amusing to me that inside Tiger was boss but outside you were. It was so comical watching you chase Tiger through the yard. You two didn’t have a problem swatting at the other but you never “fought”. You were very laid back but could be skittish at times. But boy did you love to play. You loved your catnip so much so that you would sleep on the corrugated scratching board that it came with. At times I may have gone overboard with the laser light or the feather lol

One of my favorite things was when I let you out on the porch you would go stick your head between the wood slats as if watching over your domain. And Christmas! How you loved to get in each box after the ornaments were out and then lie on the tree skirt under the Christmas tree when it was finished. If I couldn’t find you one of the first places I would look is under the tree behind the gifts.

Unfortunately, there was a drastic change in you once we found out you had hyperthyroidism. Being a long hair cat and not grooming took its toll on you at times. I took you to the vet to get the mats trimmed one time and apparently they misunderstood and shaved you. I couldn’t help but laugh at your lion cut though lol

It was so hard to watch you go from a big fluffy 15-pound cat to a mere 6.9 at the end. I had to hide your meds in whatever would work from cheese to sandwich meat. Then when your kidney values were high and the vet put you on a prescription diet and you wouldn’t eat, and I tried everything from baby food to making you scrambled eggs. But when it got to the point that you would not eat well, I knew I had to let you go. I certainly wasn’t ready just 5 months after losing Tiger. I wanted to have more time with you because in some ways I felt you got robbed of attention when Tiger was not doing well. I miss you being in my lap or by my side at night. I’m so very thankful for 17 beautiful years with the cat I never knew I needed.


Julie Cooper