Heavenly Paws Pet Aquamation Tribute

Heavenly Paws Pet Aquamation TributeThe world lost a super hero today. Shelby Lee Davis born January 27, 2013 died after a brave fight with a rare cancer on her heart.  She crossed the rainbow bridge doing the very thing she loved most, playing fetch in her yard.

Shelby was an avid hunter and runner. She loved to chase squirrels, deer and especially a chipmunk that taunted her from outside the kitchen window.  She was always up for a game of fetch but equally as happy hanging out with her family on the couch.

Shelby was an athlete. Watching her run was poetry in motion; so fluid and smooth she made it look effortless.  She took great joy in out running her cousin, Leon. Poor guy never stood a chance.

Before Shelby joined our family, my only experience with German Shepherds was Leon. He was almost 3 when Chris and I married.  A couple years later, Chris gave me Shelby for my birthday.  Since we couldn’t have any children of our own, I named my new pup what I would have name our daughter, Shelby after my mom.

From day one we knew Shelby was smart.  We loved seeing her outsmart Leon. If he had a toy, bone or ball that she wanted, she would take him another toy to distract him giving her time to swoop in and take what she wanted. It was amazing to watch her play with him, like he was her puppet on a string.  And if Leon made her mad, get out of the way because she would let him have it!

Shelby was the protection dog among our family.  It’s funny. Leon is the intimidating dog; large, black, and a little scary looking with a deep bark.  Shelby rarely barked, was smaller than Leon and definitely had the looks of a friendly dog. Everyone wanted to pet her and always compliment her beauty when she was in public.  Remember though, it’s the small quiet ones you have to be concerned about.  Shelby was loyal, protective and LOVED her family.  Play wrestling or Chris occasional popping the dish towel on my rear would bring out a different side of Shelby. The side I would never want to be on the receiving end of.

I could go on and on about how much happiness Shelby brought to our lives; how much we love her; how much she will be missed and about how our home will never be the same, especially without her under the dinner table.  Our world has changed forever. The unconditional love Shelby had for us is immeasurable and she shared that love everyday; a wagging tail when Chris came home from work or the way she would wait patiently for her kiss and rub from him; or being Alexis’s shadow from the time Alexis came home on Thursdays until the car ride back to school on Monday mornings; or how she would always accompany me to the bathroom.  Wherever her family was thats where Shelby wanted to be.

It is heartbreaking to lose someone you love so much, to watch them pass away in front of you. But we are comforted knowing that this morning Shelby enjoyed the things she loved; a CFA chicken mini breakfast in the backseat of the car while taking Alexis to school, hunting the chipmunk that teased her and fetching her ball that mom threw.

Until we see you again, we love you Shelby girl!