Oh my sweet Ivie Anne!!! I miss you so much my sweet angel! I have never loved or been loved so unconditionally by anything or anyone. Not only was I blessed to have been your mommy for seven wonderful years but was blessed with sharing the same birthday with you! We had such a special connection, I felt like I could read your mind and the way you looked into my eyes… I could almost feel you climb into my soul. I am so sorry that I could not make you get better. When you got sick at the end of February, the vet didn’t think you would make it through surgery. You Made it!!! But then on March 4, 2017 I received the heart breaking call from the vet. They had removed your spleen and had it tested for cancer. The results were back, you were given 30-90 days to live! You had hemangiosarcoma!!! Known as the”silent killer” The Only reason they found the tumors on your spleen was because you were having an emergency surgery, otherwise you would have just passed away one day and we wouldn’t have known why! You were full of life and seemed so healthy and happy! I kept trying to prepare everyone and explained that you would be perfect until a tumor would rupture and you would just go to sleep. My sweet baby you were such a trooper, you stayed with us and put up a huge fight until November 23, 2017 at 11:10 pm when you took your final breath in daddy’s arms. You beat the odds and stayed with us much longer than ever expected. But… I wasn’t ready for you to go! I love you and miss you so much ?Ivie Anne, Ivie Anne I love you, I love you? and I will forever!