Did you know there is a gentle, water-based alternative to traditional pet cremation? At Heavenly Paws Pet Aquamation, we provide caring and compassionate after-life care for all of your pets. Pet aquamation is an eco-friendly alternative to pet cremation where a member of our team gently places your pet’s body into an alkali bath containing soil-derived salts which would help their body break down naturally if they were buried instead of cremated. To learn more about pet cremation in Atlanta, our other after-life care services, and more, we encourage you to follow our blog. Here, you can read insightful articles about pet aquamation, articles to help with grief, and so much more. Connect with our team today, and let us help make your pet’s transition a peaceful one.

  1. Explaining the Death of a Pet to Your Child

    There are many concepts that children need to be taught as they grow older, everything from why it’s important to wash their hands, to why the sky is blue, and one of the most challenging concepts for a child is death and why pets or people die. We sincerely hope that you don’t need to explain d…Read More

  2. Why is Water Cremation Better Than Regular Cremation?

    No one likes to think about having to put their beloved dog or cat down due to an illness or condition, but the unfortunate fact of life is that it does come to an end. Our furry companions offer so much love and adoration that when the time comes, it’s one of the most difficult situations. Many p…Read More