At Heavenly Paws Pet Aquamation in Atlanta, we offer compassionate after-life care for your pets to make their transition a peaceful journey. Aquamation is a gentle, eco-friendly alternative to conventional pet cremation, where we carefully and respectfully place your pet into an alkali bath in a process called “alkaline hydrolysis.” To learn about pet aquamation, pet euthanasia, and the other after-life care services we offer, we invite you to follow our blog. Here, we will share insightful articles about us, our services, grief assistance, and more. Click the link to connect with our team today. We are here to assist you during this difficult time.

  1. How Does Alkaline Hydrolysis Work?

    The alkaline hydrolysis process has been around since 1888, but surprisingly, not many people have heard about it, and even fewer understand how it works. When you are facing the death of a pet, or have been surprised by the death of a pet, we understand that the last thing you want to think about i…Read More