I am so very thankful for the service that this company provided to our little family. On the heels of another recent review, my little guinea pig (a small exotic pet), Sweetie passed away very unexpectedly after a quick illness. My son and I cared for her for three years and were close to her. Personally, having had a serious bout with blood cancer, I got her as soon as I was released from the hospital and she was an incredible companion to me while I was homebound for close to a year. She was the sweetest little girl and I was and still am heartbroken over her passing.

I don’t have the physical strength to bury her at home and I wanted to take her to a place that I hoped would care for her properly and also take the loss of such a small, non-traditional pet, seriously. I also knew that I wanted her remains to remain private – I wanted to receive only her remains back. Having read a review about a hamster on here, I called and spoke with Tyler who told me I could bring her in on short notice that same day that I called. The staff was very kind and accommodating. There was a slight hiccup through no fault of their own with one of the rooms being occupied with a previous appointment which I completely understood – even still they went out of their way to accommodate us and make sure we were comfortable when we left.

When I returned to pick her up the following week, they had been kind enough to include an additional keepsake in recognition of the slight delay at drop-off (again, the drop-off ran smoothly and I was very happy with it). I greatly appreciate them recognizing that and offering something additional. It’s actually something I had meant to order but was so upset that I forgot to.

I drove in from Marietta – between the two trips I invested a few hours of driving (I only had Fridays for drop-off and pick-up)… but I would do so again in a heartbeat and recommend this business to anyone else who’s needing these services. Thank you all again!

UPDATE: Sadly, I lost my piggy Reesie recently after she fought lymphoma for two months. It was difficult knowing that she was going to pass, but it was comforting to know that she would receive her aftercare from Heavenly Paws. I knew that when the time came they would care for her (and me) properly and provide me with lovely keepsakes. Their new location looks great and is cozy – I drove in from Marietta, and it was easy to find. Cat/Kat was extremely kind and compassionate. I was quite emotional, so it was nice to have her there to help me with everything. She’s very knowledgeable about their services and genuinely cares for the pets and their owners. Even though I had been there previously, she was super helpful explaining the process and what to expect. They were a little busy when I dropped my Reesie off, but she took her time with me – I was apologizing for my additional requests because I felt badly that there was a lot going on and she reassured me that she was there to help me and not to worry about timing… she took such great care of me and my sweet Reesie from my initial phone call until after I picked my keepsakes up.

I was so thankful and impressed that they included a lovely clay paw print plate with my order at no charge. I debated whether or not to purchase it, but decided to forgo it. When I picked up my items, Kat told me that they wanted me to have the same items that I had received when they cared for my Sweetie during my first visit, that they included it free of charge. That was a lovely surprise and made me very happy!

Sorry for the lengthy review, but I just can’t say enough great things about Heavenly Paws. Hopefully I will not be needing their services for a long time, but when I do, I’ll definitely be returning!

Jennifer M.