There are no words that can adequately describe the wonderful care Heavenly Paws provides. I lost my sweet dog, Bruno, just under a week ago. After searching several different facilities, my thoughts kept returning to Heavenly Paws. The care they provide was evident from their website alone. Pets are family and the way they are treated after passing should be the same as any other family member, and Heavenly Paws understands that.

From the moment I stepped in the door and was greeted by Cat until the moment I picked up my sweet little boy, today, both he and I were treated with dignity and respect. Not only is this a wonderful green and humane way of memorializing your pet but it is such a loving and beautiful way. My heart was very heavy dealing with Bruno’s passing, but I have been able to make some progress of peace with it knowing he was treated as if he were a member of their family as well. Great job, Tyler!

Prince J.