What can I say. When we are vulnerable and needy and just want the peace of mind that everything will be taken care of – Heavenly Paws was dreamy.

I just read in another post that communal ashes are spread over farmland in one of the Carolinas. Ah – that makes me so happy. I love Asheville (no pun…sorry….) so I hope it is as beautiful.

All conversations were professional, warm, sincere and comforting. Thank you Cat (Kat is probably how she spells it but..I like to think it is Cat). While I like to remember my babies with pictures and memories, I appreciate they have options such as paw prints and urns and the like.

They alerted me as soon as they had my boy in their custody and it created such peace of mind. Knowing even at the last moment, he will be taken care of. My baby was a gorgeous, shep/dane dragon dog and I cannot believe 8 years and he is gone. But from the vet to Heavenly Paws, he was appreciated and respected.

Like I told them, I hope I don’t need your services anytime soon….but if I do, I will reach out with confidence knowing at one of the most difficult times, they will be there.

Theresa S.