Heavenly Paws is water cremation.

How’s the old saying go’…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it….’,

but what if there is a better way and we are just not aware of it? When it comes to what happens to your pet when he or she passes there is now an alternative in the Metro Atlanta Area, Heavenly Paws Pet Aquamation.

Alkaline hydrolysis (aka Aquamation) is essentially an accelerated version of what takes place in natural decomposition. A combination of gentle water flow, low temperature, and alkalinity is used to accelerate the natural course of tissue hydrolysis. At the end of the process the body has been returned to its natural form, dissolved in the water. Remember – our bodies are 65% water to begin with! Similar to fire cremation, the only solid remains are the mineral ash of the bones.

The liquid byproduct actually has a preservative and beneficial effect on iron and steel pipes, and is not harmful to plastic pipes. A standard feature on the Aquamation system is an automated pH neutralization feature. The effluent is an excellent micronutrient package that can benefit wastewater treatment plants and/or be used as a fertilizer.

Randy Stewart, Owner and Founder of Heavenly Paws states; “As a pet parent and pet advocate Aquamation is how I want my pets to be treated. We come into the world from water and what’s more natural than to leave the world in water?”

Although Aquamation was originally patented in 1888, it has only been in the past 20 years, with increasing awareness of the environmental hazards of fire cremation that Aquamation has become available to the public. Aquamation has been used for years by facilities including: UGA, UCLA, the Mayo Clinic, Duke University, Colorado State University, Texas A&M, the US Government to name a few. UGA has been operating two Alkaline Hydrolysis systems for over ten years in the BSL-3Ag Research Facility and the Veterinary School. Heavenly Paws employs a patented machine that has been specifically manufactured for pets. Unlike fire cremation, there are no toxic emissions and no contribution to greenhouse gases. Aquamation uses one-twentieth the energy of cremation with a carbon footprint only one-tenth of what fire-based cremation produces.

Heavenly Paws Pets Aquamation is a new, state-of-the-art, green company founded by pet owners and lovers. Heavenly Paws believes that each pet is very special & dear to us in their own unique way. You care for your pet during life; Heavenly Paws will care for them with Compassion, Dignity & Respect in preparation for the final journey. While cost isn’t always a factor in the loss of a loved companion, Aquamation is competitively priced, to the cost of fire cremation or burial.

Honoring a pet also means not degrading the environment; Heavenly Paws is the first in Georgia to offer veterinary’s and pet parents a non-polluting alternative to traditional fire cremation.