Pet owners who want to have their deceased pets cremated, but don’t want to harm the environment in the process have a new option in metro Atlanta.

Norcross-based Heavenly Paws Pet Aquamation announced that it is one of the first companies in metro Atlanta, if not the first, to offer a water-based cremation option that had previously been offered primarily in large institutions such as veterinary colleges.

The process uses water flow, low temperatures and alkalinity to accelerate the natural process of decomposition, according to company officials. Heavenly Paws officials said the aquamation process eliminates the threat of dangerous emissions and greenhouses gases.

The process’ carbon footprint is about one-tenth of the impact made by traditional cremations, they said.

“I wanted to bring this cleaner and gentler method of aftercare to our community to take care of our pets when they pass away,” Heavenly Paws owner Randy Stewart said in a statement. “We and our pets are mainly water so what’s more natural than to leave the world in water?”

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