Heavenly Paws is proud to expand our footprint beyond the metro-Atlanta area with a partnership with Atlanta Pet Hospice. Atlanta Pet Hospice offers at home euthanasia and hospice services and onsite euthanasia services at Heavenly Paws for your beloved pet companion. To learn more please go to Heavenly Paws’ Hospice & Euthanasia page or the Atlanta Pet Hospice website. Like Heavenly Paws, Atlanta Pet Hospice values the delivery of outstanding customer service and simple transparent pricing while treating your pet with Compassion, Dignity, and Respect.

Dr. Greg, the owner of Atlanta Pet Hospice, is also a certified grief counseler making him uniquely qualified to help guide you through your beloved pet’s end-of-life needs.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out via our Contact Us Page, heavenlypawsatlanta@gmail.com, or 678-995-9520.