Aquamation - The Gentle Cremation Alternative

Aquamation is water cremation. The most gentle, eco-friendly way to say farewell. There is no better way to honor your beloved pet on their final journey.

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As lifelong pet lovers, Heavenly Paws knows your pet is part of the family. Pets large and small fill our lives with unconditional love, making their loss terrible and the decisions around their end-of-life care difficult. We are here to support you as your pet makes their final journey with the most gentle and ecologically-conscious deceased pet aftercare. As the first Aquamation service provider in Georgia, Heavenly Paws is here to deliver the best service to you and your beloved companions as Metro-Atlanta's premier pet crematory.


Our mission is caring for all pets with Compassion, Dignity & Respect on their final journey.



We know losing your companion is difficult. We are here to help.


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Let us help you honor your pet with a peaceful, gentle and eco-friendly service -  Aquamation.


Heavenly Paws is available 24/7 to serve your pet's afterlife care needs at 678-995-9520 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If your pet is passing at a vet hospital, your vet will typically help you make arrangements with Heavenly Paws for afterlife pet care. There is no charge for veterinary service call body transportation within our service area during normal business hours. 


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