What Do I Do if My Pet Dies at Home?

The most important thing to remember when a pet passes at home is to keep the body as cool & dry as possible and away from other pets.


A list of things to do and consider:

  • As soon as possible following the passing of your pet, it’s best to place pee pads or plastic under the pet’s head and rear end as they may begin losing fluids  
  • It is okay to wrap the body in the pet’s favorite blanket or place them in their bed. Alternatively, wrapping the body in a blanket or towel you do not mind getting soiled or disposing of and placing the body in plastic/pee pad lined box or tote will help keep your home and/or vehicle more sanitary.
  • If there a items you would like to keep (such as a collar or ID tags), please remove prior to releasing your pet into Heavenly Paws' care 
  • If your pet passes outside our normal business hours, there is little risk to keeping the body for up to 24 hours in your home if your companion is kept cool and dry. If you are uncomfortable keeping the pet’s body until we open, Heavenly Paws answers our phones (678-995-9520) 24/7 and provides after-hours service for an additional fee.